The lessons will be given by Mati.
At a young age Mati develloped a love for dance and music. In her youth she followed a dance education and worked over 10 years as a professional danser with various companies.
For many years she has been a solid menber as a dancer in the revue of the theater Tropicana in Santiago de Cuba. In 2006 she moved to the Netherlands and in 2009 started as a ZUMBA instructor. Since then she teaches ZUMBA fitness classes with great pleasure and professionalism.

In 2017 dancing school Matices has started.
In the workshops and classes of Matices Mati uses her large dance experience together with her knowledge of many Latin American rhythms.
The characteristics of lady styling; feminine, sensual and elegant movements fit well with Mati's own dance style. Mati is known for her energetic and enthusiastic way of teaching.